By: Karen

I just finished my new living room. We actually closed in our back porch, and finished the room – so technically it is more of a living room/sunroom combination. It’s a very casual room that will be used for entertaining. We painted all of the walls a pale beige, and the trim around the windows a bright white. The couch and chairs are a canvas fabric in light beige tones, and the side tables and coffee tables have a distressed white painted finish. The only thing left to tackle is the windows.
Being that the room was previously a porch, it has huge windows along three sides of the room. They have a great view of our backyard and a lake that’s out back of the house, so we really don’t want to cover it up, but we want to be able to block out some of the glare that pours in the afternoon. (If you’re sitting out there around 2 or 3 reading, you can’t even see without sunglasses because of the glare!) Since our original thought had been to leave the windows wide open, we really had not put too much thought into blinds, and I knew that curtains would take away from the simplicity of the décor. A friend suggested white wooden blinds, so we went to the store to check them out.

Luckily, when we got there we found someone that was very helpful to lead us in the right direction. Her first suggestion was that with windows as big as ours were, wooden blinds would only be a good idea if we planned on tilting them open and closed, not lifting and lowering them due to how heavy they were (something I never would have thought of). When we explained our situation, she suggested we took a look at Serenity shades, which I, of course, had never heard of. Turns out they are a sheer material with slats in between that can be tilted open and closed. They have a very soft look, and are very lightweight. The best part was, when you didn’t want to see them they tucked up tightly into the headrail. They were available in a bright white, which was perfect because it just blended into our room.

They got installed yesterday, and I have to say they are the perfect finishing touch to my room. The entire room is completely relaxing, and I can’t wait to come home from work and spend time out there everyday!