Back to School Organizing

By now everyone is back at school; which can be a drag on many levels. It means the summer is over, bedtime has gotten earlier, and the house is just a little bit messier. A couple years ago my sister introduced me to a system they use in their house – and it has really helped. There are two parts to the organization, and both can be done relatively inexpensively.

  • Hall Organizer – Whether you have one child or multiple, set up an area – whether in the entry or a back hallway, specifically designated for school “stuff.” We stopped by an art store, and a big box store and got all the supplies we needed. First, hooks – each child gets two – one for their backpack, and one for their coat. Second, each get a “mail holder,” basically a wall organizer, that holds paper – where they can store notes they’ve brought home and need to bring back, or homework (depending on their age and how much they have!). Third, I let them pick out supplies to write their names – which hang above their “section.” We debated on wood blocks they could paint, cardboard letters they could color, or mini white boards that they could update. We decided on the whiteboards for ourselves, and also use them to write down any activities happening during the week.
  • Room organizer – Days of the week bins. We ended up getting plastic drawers, but my sister used hanging closet organizers. Anything with five separate shelves will work – just depends on how much space they have in their rooms. On Sunday night, have your kids lay out five outfits for each day of the week. At this point you can make sure they have anything they might need – a belt, specific shoes, or hair accessories. This has been my favorite part of the organizing. Not only does it take the task of picking out clothes in the morning off my list, but it keeps me on track of doing laundry so it’s ready Sunday night.

The best part about both of these organizers is that it’s makes it easy for your kids to do a little more themselves, and get into a habit. Happy Fall!