By: Sai

What is the purpose of a sample book?

A sample book is defined as a book that has samples in it.
But seriously, let’s break it down. The word sample: a small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like. The word book is defined as a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers. Thus the term sample book that it is a collection of samples sewn together and bound in a cover. That is the professional definition of a sample book.

While visiting a Blinds To Go showroom I learned that a sample book can be so much more than samples on pages, they are an extension of the showroom. During my extraneous journey of trying to remodel my family room I kept hitting a wall. It took me a year and half to finally have the layout of what I wanted. I was looking for a modern contemporary look. I have a dark color couch, it resembles espresso. My main wall is a dark chocolate almost mocha color and the surrounding walls are all white. The furniture around the room is espresso colored as well, while the fixtures and vases are gold and dark gold. There also some tropical bamboo plants in certain sections. It also has fluorescent lighting that I can control to set the tone of the room from bright to very dim.  All these would make my room seem small, but it’s the opposite it’s a 12×15 room with eight double windows . There is a lot of light that comes in and its very open area.

So once I went into a showroom I knew that I wanted some type of bamboo shade that fit everything. This is where I learned the importance of sample books. OMG!!!… I did not know what I was in for. When I walked in the girl in the store named Anna greeted me. I asked her for the bamboo and she pointed me in that direction. I explained my conundrum to her and she gave me a couple of suggestions.  I was dumbfounded and I felt that everything fit what I wanted.   All I wanted was to come pick one and leave my nerves were growing more and more,  my patience was running thin. There was about fifteen choices some I felt were too dark others were too light. Anna was able to sooth my nerves by asking me million and one questions. Every question I felt had a purpose to get me what I wanted. As she asked a question I answered, the book was in her hand and she always picked something out. We took the samples to the window to see how much I can see through, and how the liner would look. What color  the liner was and how the shade changed colors with the liners. She pushed me to the limit and at all times and the book never left her side.  I felt like it was an extension of Anna almost like her sidekick.

In the end I took the book home. Anna suggested that I take it home with specific instructions. When I had it at home I had it for almost a week.  I held it to the window, I put them on the couch I put it on the fixtures I even stapled them to my dark wall. I even had a dinner party so that my friends could help me decide. The whole time I had the samples I felt as if I had Anna in my ear asking me the same questions at home. I looked at every sample and all I could picture was her face and why one would work over another. This was exhausting but at the end of the day, it was all worth it. My Ibiza cocoa shades are great. I hope I never have to do it all over again.