By: Brenna

In my country themed dining room, I have lovely red and patterned curtains framing our large double windows. Once I came across the pattern, I knew it would look perfect with the rest of the room. My only problem is that, as far as functionality is concerned; they fall short.

In New England, with the changing of the seasons, the sun sets at different times throughout the year. This is fine in the dead of winter or middle of the summer because it is either dark or still sunny when dinnertime rolls around. Unfortunately, during the other 6 months, we have issues with the sun’s angles and glare. I have resorted to keeping the curtains pulled shut almost all of the time during these months, which is not something I am happy with. After flipping through design magazines, I found a beautiful photo of a country dining room with similar curtains. These windows also had 2” blinds inside the framing. A nice oak colored wood blind would really go well with my theme and serve a purpose as well.

I discovered that faux wood fit perfectly into my budget, and I got almost the same look as real wood; no one would be able to tell the difference!
Now I am able to adjust the light exposure by tilting the blinds, and my family can eat dinner together any day of the year.

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