Bathrooms are that one space that seem to constantly end up over run by clutter, but I feel like 2016 will see an end to that. It’s time to take your bathroom back, and to achieve that goal is to add some nice chair and fresh flowers.

Bidets have never really caught on in the United States, but now that high tech toilets can come witha bidet feature, they’re rising in popularity. Most master baths are spacious and now have bidets, it showed that about 5% of people get them. If the popularity continues to grow, the could climb even higher this year.

Living rooms

Tech-filled homes certainly aren’t going anywhere, but I feel like more and more families are opting for more family time. Decorating your living room a little more would definitely look chic witout a whole bunch of gadgets laying around.


Charming home accentsare the non-working fireplaces, they’re becoming more of a focal point of rooms. Instead of placing a large TV above the fireplace or ignoring it all together, people are now arranging their furniture to put the fireplace center stage.

Mixed Materials In Kitchen

Instead of only incorporating one or two materials, homeowners will turn to a variety of opposing styles to create a truly personalized space. For example, a white subway tile backsplash, a vintage inspired rug, and shiny white countertops