By Gina G.


Have old window treatments that you’re not sure what to do with?  Here are a few tips that can help.  If you are looking to reuse your current shades, here are some ideas. 

I am a huge fan of repurposing decorative items.  You can really use old items from one room to transform and uplift another.  This can be true too for window treatments.  A lot of times, windows measure similarly from room to room in the same home.  You should consider taking older shades, cleaning them and trying to repurpose them in a window of similar size.  Sometimes this works best to take an existing treatment from a highly functioning room and repurposing it in a room that isn’t used quite so often (like a guest bedroom).

Reusing blinds and shades is especially easy if you have neutral colors, but even if you have colorful window treatments, you can certainly use accessories in your repurposing to make that specific color work in another room in your home.  I have used sheers, curtains, and valances to help add new character to an existing shade.  I have also purchased decorative items such as pillows, rugs, candles and vases to tie in colors from old shades in a new room.

My aunt’s recent decor decision is a great example of this.  She decided that she wanted to change from the wood blinds to shades in her living room.  She took her wood blinds (golden oak in color and still in very good condition) and put them in her daughter’s room.  She bought her new accent pillows and a bedspread to match the fabric tape on the wood blinds.  She also purchased an inexpensive wood hamper.  She was able, with those small purchases, to give her daughter’s room a fresh look by using something she already had (talk about saving green by going green)!

So before simply throwing away old treatments, definitely consider reusing them, especially because one room’s trash could just be another room’s treasure!