By: Brenna



I have recently put a grand addition onto the back of my house, which faces a beautiful lake.  It is a raised sun room overlooking the docks and water. We decided to add the addition because it is such a gorgeous view that we have out the back, we wanted to be able to really have a good look at it.  So we built an expansive room with floor to ceiling windows, which provide us with the best views of the lake.  Unfortunately, what these windows don’t give us is privacy or total insulation. And with the lake area being so wide and open, all the surrounding homes can see us up in the sun room.

I originally started doing some research on shades through the Internet, but it was my interior designer who recommended cellular shades. They have a nice pleated, simple look and very clean lines.  The function of them seemed very smooth and easy to operate. And since we really did not want to eliminate our full view when we wanted privacy, we added a “top-down” feature to each shade. This allows us to drop the shade down from the top as well as raise it from the bottom.  This also allows us to have the shade fully covering our window but also lower the top of it to see the lake, and still remaining hidden ourselves. I have to say, this is probably my favorite part of the shades, in fact we normally keep them in this position and almost never raise them from the bottom. The shades also help to cut out the glare that shines off the water, but still keeps the room sunny and glowing.

And yet another benefit that we love is the insulation value on them. Since the room is 90% glass, we really needed some help with insulation. I can’t wait to be able to sit out in our sun room in the dead of winter and look at the frozen lake in the warm room.

I used to think the sunroom edition was our best investment…but now I may be thinking differently!