By: Karen

When I went to the local blind store to outfit my new windows with some blinds, I was presented with the question – do you need room darkening? I said of course, it’s my bedroom – why would I want anyone to see in?? Turns out, room darkening has nothing to do with privacy. Once I got a more thorough explanation, it turned out you can have no privacy – privacy with light – privacy with little light – or privacy with no light at all. Now I was really confused.

I went home later that day, and presented the question to my husband. We both were in agreement about the privacy, but he thought we should have no light at all, and I said, we should have some light so that we can wake up with the natural light in the morning, rather than sleeping in a cave. In our previous apartments, we had always had cheap vinyl mini blinds that we both hated – and weren’t really sure why aside from the fact that they were ugly.

So we came up with a plan – test it out. One night we would hang a sheet on the window that doesn’t block out light, and the next night we would put up a piece of cardboard that would block out all of the light. We would alternate them so we could try one day during the week, and one day over the weekend with each solution. It worked. We decided on the days that it was completely dark in our rooms in the morning, that it was way too difficult for either of us to get out of bed, and the days that it was light made the mornings much easier.

Back to the store I went, and found a shade that gave us total privacy, but still brightened up the room. It was a cellular shade, which ended up blocking the direct glare, but gave us soft light to wake up to in the morning. I strongly recommend trying this if you are having the issue making a decision!