By: Karen E



It’s the time of year for love and romance.  With Valentine’s Day comes dreams of romantic getaways, and exotic vacations.  Unfortunately, most of us can not drop everything mid-February and take such trips.  The next best thing is a fresh makeover for your bedroom, and you can bring your dream vacation to your room!



The best way to tackle the project is to work around what you already have.  No matter what the color of your walls, you can work with it.  I generally suggest taking out all exisiting bedding, throws, and pillows, along with any curtains you may have up.  These elements are generally the easiest (and least expensive) changes you can make, and generally are the pieces that make the biggest color statements in your room.



Pale colors are generally the way to go.  Depending on what color you have on your walls, bring in some pale whites, off whites, or even soft blues or pinks.  If you want to bring in pattern, stay subtle but stick with floral or lace patterns.  Setting the tone in the room with these colors will automatically make it more relaxing, and somewhere you can forget about the stresses of everyday life.



When it comes to replacing the fabrics in the room, again stick with the pale colors, but the fabric choice is important as well.  A silk in the sheets, or throw pillows will make a huge statement in the room.  You can also bring in a soft sheer fabric, or even lace in the curtains to finish off the look.  Again, if you go with any patterns keep them simple and delicate. 



If you want some finishing touches, stop by an antique shop or flea market, and look for some vintage pieces you can put around the room.  Simple vases (which you can fill with fresh flowers), or even changing out picture frames can be a simple fix with a big difference.  Finally, sit back and enjoy!