By: Karen E


When it comes to bringing romantic décor into your home, don’t always assume that means redecorating your bedroom.  The style can be brought into any room in your house.  One room that I enjoy decorating in such a style is my dining room.  Being a room that I am either dining in with my family or friends, it is a room where I want my guests to feel welcomed and comfortable.

When I decided to redecorate my dining, I already had a good set of basic furniture to start with. I love my dark mahogany set, so that was not an element I was willing to part with.  (Had I wanted to start over, I probably would have gone with a dining set that was a distressed painted white finish).  What I did instead, was get white table linens that I could use as table cloths, or just as runners (depending on the occasion).   This immediately softened the look of the table, and the whole room.  I also replaced my chocolate brown draperies with simple almond color sheers, with a matching swag over the top.  It gave the windows a far more dramatic look, and let a lot more of the light filter into the fabric.

The next step took a little searching, but was definitely worth it.  I stopped at numerous estate sales, and vintage shops before I came across a set of dishes that would go perfectly with my vision.  They were a simple white set, but they have the texture of lace.  The matching serving ware they came with had a pattern along the top that also looked like lace.  Using those instead of my square black dishes (from my contemporary phase), really brought the look together.  I also added some simple silver candle stick holders, and a few glass vases around the room that I keep filled with white or peach flowers.

The finishing touch on my project was changing out the light fixture.  I had put it off, thinking it would be a much bigger project, but it turned out with some help from the internet I was able to find an inexpensive chandelier and instructions on how to change it myself! (Although I do suggest an electrician if you are at all nervous about doing it yourself).  With that finishing touch I had completely changed the room.  (And I had a dinner party that week just to show off the changes!)