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A few months after moving into my new house, I realized that it was time for some shades. I didn’t really need them too much for privacy being the house was set away from the street, but my windows really looked bare with nothing on them. I had asked my friends for some different suggestions, and gotten a few responses, but the most common response I got was that I absolutely had to do roman shades throughout my first floor. To be honest, I am not too familiar with window treatments, so I checked them out in the houses of the friends that had suggested them, and honestly I really did like the look of them. They were a finished look, and really decorative. To be honest, the only downside was they were very dressy, and the décor throughout my house isn’t that formal, but I figured there had to be some more casual patterns than what my friends had, so I set out on an investigation.

As soon as I got to the first store, I found a fabric that worked great. It was plain, with almost a canvas look, and came in a cream color I was hoping for in my dining room, a tan color I was looking for in my living room, and a taupe I was looking for in my kitchen. They were custom – as my windows are all strange sizes, so I gave the sizes over and was shown a price for the shades shortly after. I was in shock. The shades were so expensive I could not believe it. I was thinking about spending around $100 a window (so it wasn’t like I was under tight budget constraints), but all of the windows were more, some sizes were significantly more! And I was choosing the most basic, plain fabric I could find.

After the salesperson saw my surprise, and understood my reaction, she started asking me some questions to understand what I was looking for, and explained that roman shades are in fact, the most expensive shades around (nice of my friends to mention that). She introduced me to rollers (which were too plain), cellular shades (which were too modern), and pleated, which really attracted my attention. They came in different patterns and textures, and a 2” pleat that looked a lot different than your traditional pleated shade. I picked beige/tan/cream tweed in a 2” pleat. They fell right in my price range, and they look awesome!

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