By: Dominic

Due to a recent career change my wife and I moved into a new place in Boston. The condo is on the first floor of the building and has a large picture window in the front of it which is visible from the street. We needed to put some sort of window treatment on the window because of the lack of privacy. We had mini blinds in our old house which worked out well, but my wife does not care for the look of them. We also had curtains in some of the windows in our old place but my wife did not care for the maintenance that they required.

We started looking at blinds off the shelf but had a difficult time finding sizes that would work well on our window. We also had trouble finding anything that we could agree looked nice or even durable. I had remembered hearing from a coworker that custom blinds and shades tend to have much better quality and many styles and colors to choose from so I decided to check it out.

While looking at custom blinds we both noticed the Roman shades almost immediately. They had a large style selection and color selection which made it easy to find one that we could agree upon. One option that we thought was great about them was that they could open from the top down which is nice when you live on the first floor. I wasn’t too excited about the way that they looked on the back with the white spines, but since I wouldn’t be able to see it from inside the house I was willing to live with it. We decided to split the window into three separate shades so that we could control each window separately and with ease. We were able to have the look of drapes and the function of shades all in one product and we couldn’t be happier about it. They look great in our living room and have gotten nothing but compliments about them from friends and family.