By: Aisha


When it comes to roman shades, which is better: flat or classic? The only difference is the style. Flat romans are made of several panels sewn together and by the name, they are flat. When pulled up, the panels disappear underneath the valance piece that comes attached to the shade, functioning more like a roller shade. On the other hand, the classic roman is completely different cosmetically. It is made of one piece of cloth and it bubbles out, so when it is drawn up, it doesn’t hide behind the valance but rather looks more like a decorative curtain.

Most people do a roman shade in the flat style when they are trying to achieve a modern look, while others go for the classic when they want to achieve a formal look. They can both be used in any room in the home and they both come with cords of which can be placed either on the right or left hand side. In addition, both styles can have the top-down-bottom-up feature. This allows for you to have privacy but natural light at the same time. If you like the roman look but don’t want any light to come through your shades, one specific roman material, called linen, comes in blackout. Typically, linen blackout is used for bedroom areas.

In terms of price the flat is more cost effective. Since it uses less fabric to be made, flat panel prices typically range from $100-200 less than classics depending on the material you use. The classic model is more because it needs more material to create the bubbling effect. The flat is better in terms of dust collection, because fewer pleats mean less area to collect dust. Nonetheless, both styles can be easily cleaned with a hand vacuum or even a duster. So which is better, flat or classic? It all depends on your needs and preferences.