By: Karen5.0.2

Summer’s almost here! That means time for going outside, swimming, and boating! The best part is, the view of the back of my house is of the river, so I get to see all of my neighbors, and all of the activity on the river.  The only problem, is that, for the last four years, I’ve told myself I need to get some blinds, because once summer rolls around, my life is on display to the neighborhood!

The way that my house is set up, it is an open floor plan from the front door, dining room to the side, kitchen to the other side, living room, and then straight through to a family room/sun room.  So, if you are in the back of my house, you pretty much have a view straight through.  And we have seven windows, all lined up straight across the back of the house… So of course, no matter what you cover them with, its not going to be an easy project.  As I’ve been talking about this for years, I have gotten all sorts of suggestions, from not doing real wood because I live near water (and apparently it will warp), to doing fabric (because it will look soft and not too heavy), to doing something natural (because it will bring the feeling of outside in).  As these are all great suggestions, none of them really helped me figure out what I want to do.

But, I couldn’t put it off another year, so I went to a local blinds store and decided to tackle the project.  I didn’t really want to do anything too expensive, or too dressy.  I didn’t want to do traditional aluminum blinds because they would look too busy.  The guy suggested I do verticals across the whole wall, but that sounded absolutely awful and outdated.  I did like the look of wood, and inside mounting each blind to keep the look of all separate windows.  I considered the top down bottom up option on shades, as it would keep out the nosey neighbors, but I didn’t really want to keep them out that much! Which brought me back to blinds.  The person at the store reiterated the idea about real wood warping, but introduced me to faux wood (the easier maintenance alternative).  I really liked the look of white slats, as it went with the beach decor I had in the rest of the house.

I got the blinds installed yesterday, and I’ve already gotten compliments from the neighbors! I can tilt them during the day to see everything that’s going on, and tilt them shut a little at night when I don’t really want everyone seeing me in my pj’s!