By Tiffany P.

When shopping for natural material window treatments you want to be able to trust the company that is making these blinds or shades, is still giving back to nature in some sort of way. With Blinds To Go we take pride in doing just that, because it is important to replace what you take when dealing with materials such as bass wood, a kind of timber that we use for blinds, or bamboo, which we use for our shades.
Our real wood blinds come in many varieties of colors, neutrals, and earth tones that can be the finishing touch to complete the look of any room. Bass wood is a very light wood material, compared to other kinds of timber, making it a great option creating an easier lift when raising it I a window. There is a reason why these kind of blinds have ”stood the test of time” and that is because they are a great elegant, simplistic, traditional treatment. The tones of these blinds can fit any color scheme that you may have since they are all neutrals and earth tone colors.
Just like our wooden blinds our woven wood shades are also an great option. Since our woven woods are made out of bamboo, which is one of the faster growing plants, it is easy to replace what we harvast. The woven wood shades can be great for any beach or eastern theme you may have. For those not concerned with privacy and just want something different for the room, these shades are great. We have many options to choose from that will  allow you to still enjoy your view while taking out any sort of glare caused by that window. However, if you are looking for privacy I have great news you can always add a liner. These shades can add a contemporary flare to any room, making them to be a main focal point in any room.
Blinds To Go is a company that takes responsibility for using raw materials from nature to make beautiful window treatments. By taking responsibility for this action and being able to replant the trees and bamboo plants that way they are giving back to nature as much as being taken, creating a perfect balance. So if your looking for a company that believes in helping you making your home just as beautiful as the planet we all consider home Blinds To Go is the perfect match for you.