By: Meghan

So 2013 is ending. Where did the year go? It zooms by and 2014 is coming, bringing with it hopes and possibilities. That Resolution list is getting longer and longer. And this year let’s add something that you can really scratch off your list! Time to redecorate your house.

You do not need to buy any more Christmas gifts, that shopping is all done. Time to spend some money on yourself!

You know you have always wanted  Roman Shades on your windows. Time to kick those blah vinyl blinds and drab bargain rollers to the curb (or two birds one stone, donate them if they are still in good condition! Charity isn’t only for the holiday season, and is probably on that resolution list!) Adding Romans to your windows will make you so smiley as we jet into 2014. They look simply stunning and hey! you want to de-stress this year? Romans mean that your window is finished you won’t be spending hours looking for curtains.

Resolution was finally to treat yourself to rest? That morning sun blinding? (okay you know you are sleeping till noon on New Year’s Day) you are going to want something beautiful that is going to block out the light. Get your Romans in a fabric that blocks out that light.

Plus side is that it is the end of the year. This is the time of big sales, think close out, end of the year clearance. Who cares if that fabric Roman is last season? There is no such thing. You will keep these in your house for a long time. They will be unique, plus you are saving money. Hey another resolution crossed off your list.

So let’s cross those T’s and dot those I’s, time for resolutions and what better than to have Roman’s on that resolution list!