By: Erica

I remember growing up having plastic mini blinds on all of our windows. Every spring my mom would take them off and hose them down in our backyard. The blinds that weren’t brittle from the constant sun exposure would survive another year. The ones that didn’t survive would be replaced when the next time my mom went to Kmart and found a size that would fit inside our window at $5 a pop. Never would I have imagined them being anything else but something to cut out the sun in the morning in my bedroom, or close off my neighbors looking into my room since the houses were only a few feet apart. My mom would have a simple patterned valance and dependent on the room may have panels on either side. She would change the curtains with different seasons, but the blinds would be there for one purpose… PEEPING TOMS!! And, well maybe… door to door sales people too!

I just recently purchased a new home and with the numerous costs that are unexpected I wanted to save money where ever possible. Based on my upbringing, I thought blinds would be a good place to be cheap. The windows that came with the house were all odd sizes since – I did try to go to a local Home Depot – but unlike my mom I did not have luck with my window sizes. Slowly but surely I realized that I had to find a store that sold special made blinds to fit my odd ball windows. So I go to a specialty store thinking this will be easy. I know exactly what I want, simple plastic blinds that will fit. Boy was I not prepared to answer all the questions asked. What’s your width and height in 3 places – and your depth? What color are your frames? Do you want box brackets or swivel brackets? Are you okay with gaps? Seriously? Is this all necessary? All I wanted was something so simple. But it seems as though the simplest things got so complicated. Oh I almost forgot, the wait time for the blinds that I assumed I could take home with me that day, would take 4 to 6 weeks. I thought that time frame was extreme so I decided to go elsewhere. Thankfully I was able to find a Blinds To Go not too far from my home in Boston where the delivery time was only 48 hours which seemed more reasonable. Not to mention the prices were more within my budget. So when I thought it could only get worse, it actually got better. Thankfully I have my blinds, (they look better than I expected) and I only use them for one purpose only, PRIVACY.