Reclaiming Wood for your Cottage Space

Reclaiming Wood for your Cottage Space

Getting that cottage décor to exactly what we are looking for, isn’t always an easy hurtle to jump.  A very popular look in decorating today is the weather wood, and country home trend. Not all of us have antiques, or naturally beautiful “weathered with time” furniture pieces, for that one of a kind look that goes hand in hand with the country home feel.

Getting weathered furniture and reclaimed wood pieces can sometimes be expensive if looking for a finished product, and even more so for a completely custom one, these products usually have a beauty and history to go with it that can’t always be recreated.  We all want that really unique one-of-a-kind look and we want to make a statement, whether it’s for our own satisfaction at the end of the day to know we have something special, or it’s just the missing piece to finishing off the puzzle that is our home.

Renovating or redecorating with reclaimed wood is going to give that rustic beauty that a lot of us look for in decorating cottages and country homes.  Reclaimed wood is usually what can be referred to as “custom”, this is not the type of product that can be found anywhere, most of the time you need to find someone who has the access, tools, skill set, and ability to recreate the former woods beauty into something fit for your space.

This process is a great alternative to purchasing brand new materials, like previously mentioned, it has a history to it, it has be used for something before, and is usually older and has characteristics from its growth cycle that can’t be found in the wood available today from local hardware stores. By reusing wood we are going through a recycling process, and reducing waste that once refined can be made into something new, and even transformed into something different through our capability and resources to manipulate its shape and colour.

The fact that people are continuing to search this avenue when renovating and redecorating is bringing to the attention and interest of a lot current home fashions as timeless pieces and becoming increasingly easier to find this type of wood work for your cottage and spaces.  Tables and chairs are being made with rough edges and sides to show the woods natural beauty, and sold readily available for purchase on the market, and if this is just the thing you’ve been looking for it can be the missing piece in your cottage space that just might be the finishing touch.

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