By: Ashley


“Do you sell shutters?” This question has been popping up repeatedly lately, no matter what window treatment facility your at. This is due to the growing demand of consumers wanting a product similar to traditional wood blinds, but with a slightly different opening style and look. Traditional shutters are mounted from the outside of your house and used to combat extreme weather conditions; i.e. tropical storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. These same depicted shutters can be found still on homes located in the midwest and south. Nowadays shutters have evolved and moved inside homes. Modern shutters, found in various colors, are normally found mounted inside homes. They are unable to be lifted up and down like traditional blinds, but you can tilt the slats with a rod that is normally in the middle of the shutter blind. Shutters are very nice in style and can accentuate your decor, but they can become a hassle to install and a damper on a rainy day fund.

Real and faux wood blinds are two great alternatives to shutters, that many people consider. Both products will give you the same slat thickness and operating ability as shutters. Unlike shutters, real and faux wood blinds are able to be lifted up and down. This helps you have more control of light coming in the window. Real wood is a perfect option for individuals wishing to match a wood color in their room. Because it is a natural product, it will closely resemble other real wood products in the same color family. Faux wood colors will be similar to real wood hues, but there will be a noticeable difference. Another great advantage of real wood is the fact that it will be light in weight, in comparison to faux wood.

Faux wood will have many great advantages over shutters and real wood blinds. The actual color hues will match close as possible to real wood hues and many have embossed wood grain textures on them. They come in a variety of colors and have added features to enhance the overall appearance. You can add decorative fabric tape or fancy valance pieces most of the time. Also, if your going for a simple color like white, faux wood will be the route to go. Because shutters and real wood are natural products, they have the tendency to warp and fade when situated in direct sunlight. Faux wood blinds will hold up great in natural sunlight and in damp rooms, like the bathroom or kitchen. The best thing about faux woods is the price! They are a great, affordable product that will give you the feel of wood, but at an economical bottom line.