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By: Tiffany H.

Faux wood Bath

Temperatures are rising and the sun’s heat is building steadily. Room darkening blinds and shades are all the rage in combating the intense heat, but this summer we’ve been getting a lot of questions and inquires about plantation shutters. My response, of course being sympathetic, that of all the hundreds of different products, styles, and options that is the one thing we do not have. Once I manage to explain the complexities and price of installing plantation shutters, I coax them into taking a look at our real wood and faux wood collection. It is followed by a barrage of questions all surrounding one main point, which is the better product?

Real Wood

Real woods natural look will enhance any rooms’ decor to blend in with any decor style you are looking to create. The natural imperfections of each wooden slat give each blind its own special unique character to match your unique character. The lightweight design of each slat makes it great for large picture windows and its natural insulating property will help reduce energy cost for years to come. Now while real wood has all of these great qualities there are a few things to consider when purchasing real wood. For instance it is not the easiest to clean; consistent moisture can warp the slats; and excessive heat over extended periods of time can not only fade the wood but could also possibly warp it.

Faux Wood

Our faux woods give you the idea and look of real wood at a less expensive price. Coming in four different styles ranging from a wood grain look, smooth, and a wood grain look and feel. This durable 2 inch PVC plastic will also bring a touch of simple class to any room. It’s subtle yet known presence compliments with out adding too much or taking away from any present decor. While it may not completely embody the real wood look, its maintenance and durability far exceeds that of its real wood cousin. Being widely recognized as one of the easiest things to clean in the BTG collection. Using as little as mild soap and water, its slats are also the most flexible and are able to withstand the most when it comes to physical contact. One major downside to the faux woods is their extreme weight. When it comes to very wide windows this may not be the best way to go, due to the excess weight of the slats.

So while both real and faux wood have a great number of both positive and negative attributes, only you, the customer, can choose which is the better product. So stop on in to your local BTG show room and cast your vote on which is the better product.

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