Reading Fun
Of course, there are lots of fun active things to do all summer, but to keep your kids ready for school work, there are a few fun reading activities you can do with them throughout the summer. The key is to make it fun, and not have them realize they are doing work! Who knows, your kids might even enjoy reading (I did)!

– Create a bucket list. Start by brainstorming. If they are at a loss for books they want to read, take them to the library and bookstore, and let them roam until they can find 10-12 books that sound good to them. As they complete the list throughout the summer, give them a small incentive for completing each book. (Customize the incentive to each child – a late night up, an ice cream, a small item from a toy store.)

– Make a bingo board game. Whether it’s one child, or a few children, you can just make it a race to complete bingo. Make fun squares – like “reading at night with a flashlight,” “reading outside wearing sunglasses,” “reading to a friend,” “reading in a bathing suit.” Again, the great part is you can customize it to things you know would be fun for them. Being that this game would take a little longer to complete, make a bigger incentive – pizza night, or a day at the beach.

– If you aren’t feeling too creative, contact the local library. Find out what their summer reading programs are – they all have something, some more involved than others, but chances are one of the local libraries will have something that sounds fun to your kids.