Who Puts A Window in the Shower??

By: Karen

After moving into my new apartment, I discovered the bathroom window, was actually located in the shower.  Not just in the shower, but directly across from the faucet, so if I was taking a shower, I was completely exposed to the outside world.  I’m not sure why someone thought this was a good idea, the bathroom is on the first floor of what I consider to be a pretty busy street.  Clearly, privacy is a huge concern! At the same time, the window is hit with water anytime anyone showers, which eliminates all possibility of using an attractive fabric shade – I can only imagine it would get moldy, and fast.  In my previous apartment, I had a decorative curtain over the window that provided privacy, which I had brought with me in the intention of re-hanging it. 

After hitting the Internet, I found that, believe it or not, this is a common problem, which luckily, helped me find some possible solutions.  The first, and what seemed to be the most common solution, was a plain vinyl roller shade, which would hold up to moisture on a constant basis, and could easily be wiped clean.  Unfortunately, if you cover the window with a vinyl shade you are blocking out the majority of the light, and it is the only window in the room, and a good source of natural light.

The second option, was to purchase a plain shower curtain, and cut it down to the size of your window, split it into two, hang it on a tension rod, and operate it like a curtain.  While I commend the creativity of this idea, and feel like it would allow more light, I have a feeling that it would look homemade, and quite frankly, cheap.

Finally, it turns out a vinyl blind will actually hold up in this situation – and it is available in a lot of colors, so I could chose one to match my shower curtain.  I picked a black one (believe it or not) to match to all of the accents in my room, and the color really popped nicely next to the white tiles.  The blind allows me to have more control over privacy – tilting open and up allows for privacy and natural light, and it turns out the cords are treated to hold up to moisture. I’ve had it up for a few months now, and like the reviews had said, it really is holding up well – it looks the same as it did when I purchased it, and I love the decorative element it provides as well!

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