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By: Brenna

My husband and I recently moved into a new apartment and were awaiting the arrival of our new baby girl. I was anxious about finishing the nursery before she was born, and we really wanted some shades to keep the room dark during the day.
Since we did not plan on staying at the current apartment for more than a year or two, we were reluctant to spend a lot of money on shades. I was looking for something very basic, and preferably no cords or chains which the baby might choke on.

After browsing the show room for a little bit, I was slightly overwhelmed by what seemed like so many options. I am very indecisive and with all the products, I did not even know where to start! Thankfully, after explaining my situation to a friendly employee there, I was guided to a few options.

After narrowing down the products, I realized I definitely wanted a simple shade. After being guided to the roller shade wall, I instantly saw what I had in mind. I liked the idea of a roller shade because it was simple and easy to clean, and I immediately fell in love with a white patterned fabric shade. Unfortunately not only would it let light in, it was out of my budget. The employee there showed me a vinyl shade, also with a pattern which would block the light as I needed. Even though I really liked the fabric one, the vinyl would satisfy all my needs and was definitely the best option. I could even get it without a chain, which is just what I wanted. I was also happy that the patterned vinyl was the same price as the solid ones and seemed to fit my budget well. I was also told that it would only take two days for the shades to be in; even better!

So as a result of the helpful employees and various options, I was able to decide on a shade and put it up before my daughter was born. I am still very happy with the shades and the service I received. Maybe I will go back and get the fabric shades for the living room!

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