By: Nasim

After having the same shades hanging in my room for years, it wasn’t until recently that I actually learned the name of them, Pleated Shades. Realizing that they were pretty much see through at night, and throughout the day, I began to look into a better solution for privacy.

After browsing blinds to go I realized I wanted something with the same look but better privacy value. I ended up looking at the cellulars, they seemed like they pretty much blocked out most of the unwanted sites I would see from my neighbors, and even offered insulation value. This was really cool because I hate losing central air in the summer! So the question came down to blackout or not?

A few years back this would have been an easy decision as I was working overnight shifts and wanted pretty much nothing to do with the morning/midday sunlight! But now that I get up early I think it is in my best interest to steer away from the blackout, (knowing myself I’d sleep right through the morning with them!) so light filtering it was! I wanted to keep something in the same range of what I had which was a textured pleated shade, so I started looking at patterns, and pretty much fell in love with the Mirage. It was the perfect solution, I got to keep my pleated shade look, I got to keep my textured look, and best of all I got to keep all of the benefits of my central air in the summer!