Pretty Looks, Happy Wallets

By: Ali


The new furniture is in, the walls are painted, pictures are mounted on the walls and it is time to kick back and relax, when you notice that your nosy neighbor can see right through your wide open windows. Before you pull your hair out and stress over the hundreds of dollars you would have to spend to buy a shade worthy of the decor of your room, take a deep breath and come to Blinds to Go.

Whether it is one window or twenty, we offer a wide selection of products; many of these will add the perfect finishing touch to a window, without forcing you to sacrifice your social life to pinch pennies.  One of our most popular and versatile shades, and my personal favorite, is our cellular line.

For a thirty wide by sixty high window, these fashionable shades range from $68 to $190. Budget friendly, these products are also eco-friendly. Because of their honeycomb structure that earns this shade its name, they make wonderful insulators, keeping outside temperatures where they belong, out of your house, so it will never again feel like Jack Frost has invaded your family room.  It also keeps your air conditioning and heat inside, so that your heating and cooling bill won’t hurt either!

Also, there are multiple options. If you have young children or playful pets, you don’t have to worry about their safety with cords, as you can always upgrade to cordless. If you want to be able to let natural, unfiltered light into the room without sacrificing your privacy, you can opt for Top Down/Bottom Up. You can even combine the two!  They can be light filtering, making them ideal for any room in the house. If you need a room to be completely dark, like your bedroom for instance, the blackout cellular line is unparalleled.

Decor wise, the options are endless!  With two different pleat sizes available, the 3/8 and the 3/4, and several head rail options, different looks can be put into effect. Colors range from soft neutrals, in light and dark colors (like Gentle Cream or Deer Trail), to bolder colors (like Boardwalk or Labrador Blue).  If you want some texture and pattern, you can look into our designer line. Borgata features bold paisley pattern in neutral colors, or you can veer towards the gently crinkle of Mirage. With endless combinations, the cellular line can work in any decorating scheme.

With clean lines, a multitude of colors, several functioning options, these shades make a perfect addition to any room. Don’t believe me? Come to Blinds to Go and see for yourself!

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