By:  Stef

I recently bought my first house.  It’s a small home that has recently been remodeled.  However, the windows, although still in good condition, are old.  Shortly after moving in, I noticed quite a draft coming in.  Unfortunately with all the expenses of buying a new home, I can not afford to replace the windows right now. 

But, I also can’t afford to heat the outdoors, and would prefer not to freeze when I am at home.  I have done some research on window treatments that will help keep my heat inside better than the cheap mini blinds that are up.  From what I have read it seems cellular shades are the best at insulating.  I get that they keep the heat in, but honestly do people really find these shades attractive?

I am going to have to look at what’s in my windows everyday, and I don’t want to look at cellular shades.  Don’t get me wrong, the insulating factor is at the top of my priority list, but do I have to sacrifice decor to get it? I mean really, the shades look like someone just folded a piece of paper into an accordion.  I think I made something similar looking in elementary school!  My house has a traditional feel throughout and I’d like to reflect that style in an insulating window treatment.  Is there anything out there to fit both my function and decor needs? I can’t be the only person out there with this problem! Please help!