By: Sai
There is always this huge dilemma on what I should do on my enclosed porch. It is great when spring rolls around, because  that’s when I remove the screens from the windows. This makes it nice and cool in the spring and summer time, and I can sit at the porch and enjoy this glorious time of year. There is only one huge  problem every year. The glare and the light can be very intense. You would think that is an easy fix, but it isn’t. You see the issue that I keep having is that the window isn’t fully enclosed, so when the screens come out Mother Nature comes right in and takes over! How am I going to solve this problem?

The first dilemma is, what can I possibly put out there that won’t get damaged and erode over time? I had no idea what to do. I know nothing about window treatments. All I want is something that isn’t going to be destroyed in a year, and at the same time have some eminence of light control so I can enjoy my porch.  So I went to this showroom in Everett and was helped by a young girl there. She pretty much pointed out a couple of choices to me. Everything is based on the premise that whatever is going to be put out there has to be vinyl. That is because vinyl can withstand moisture and the hard effect of the sun.

We went through all the choices that would work for me. The first was a conventional 1 inch mini blind. At first I thought it was okay.  I could tilt it and control the light, which was nice.  At the same time, it had a very nice and clean look.  However, the more I thought about it I couldn’t go through with it because I didn’t think style was nice enough for my porch. My porch was set up very nicely and was fully furnished, so I decided against that.

I remember it clear as day. Kim said,  “With so many choices there has to be something that will meet all your requirements. Do you want something nice and finished?”   I responded,  “Yes.”  So we proceeded over to 2 inch vinyl blinds. They had a lot of texture and pattern and had  valances as well. They had a nice finished look. I looked through all my choices, but I just felt like there was too much going on. It was nice in other rooms of my house but not for the porch, it just didn’t feel right to me. In retrospect it had everything I wanted, a nice finished look and I could control the light. It didn’t give me that tingly feeling of satisfaction.   So I told Kim,  “No, I can’t get this, I’m tired, I have a headache,” and I left. I told her I would return in a couple of days. She probably didn’t believe me because I didn’t even think I was coming back.  So when I got home I reflected on everything that I had learned and finally knew some of the things that I wanted. Who knew a porch would be so much hassle?

The more I would think about it the more it became clear. I didn’t want the 2 inch vinyl blinds because there was too much going on. They were too bulky and had too many strings and wands.  I went back to the  store and waited for Kim because she knew everything that I had gone through.  After a couple of minutes she came over and we started discussing the options. I explained to her that I thought the previous options were too bulky, and I didn’t want them. She understood and she  ask me if I was okay with doing a roller shade?  I had not thought of that and explained to her as long as it had a finished look I was okay with it. She showed me solar shades. I was amazed because they were nice looking shades and I could get a valance with them. They also had a very finished look.  The only down side was that they were kind of see through, but they fit everything else that I wanted. I explained to her that was okay because the main purpose of them was to  cut down the intense light, so I could just lower them when needed. I found a nice dark colored one called Barcelona Java.  It fit everything I wanted, and I was in heaven. The best part is that I had the shades in a couple of days.

I had plenty of choices for my porch from vinyl mini blinds to 2 inch vinyl blinds, faux wood and verticals. Everyone has their best fit for them and I found mine!