Porch Decor

When most people think of fall, the first thing to pop in their minds is pumpkin.  Of course, you can now get all of your favorite treats and drinks in pumpkin, but at the heart of the season is all things orange, red, and yellow that are found in nature.  Of course there are lots of fun tips for decorating indoors, but it’s also fun to decorate outside (why save all the outdoor decorating until Christmas). Even better, there are lots of fun, easy ways to decorate and get the whole family involved.

One of the simplest ways is to pull ideas from nature.  Using colorful gourds, and pumpkins (oh yeah, there not just for your lattes), can instantly bring a pop of color onto your porch.  You can also get cornstalks, mums (which come in a variety of jewel tones), or garlands from local florists that will quickly fill up the space and make a big color impact.

To customize the decor more to yourself – or to get your kids involved you can add in some arts in crafts.  Searching the internet you can find a lot of fun ways to decorate the pumpkins – other than just carving them – you can use glitter, paints, fabrics, which will help preserve the pumpkins longer through the season.

Another trendy decor item are wooden signs with cute saying that are available in the holiday section of most retailers.  They can also be a fun DIY project that you can make yourself and come up with your own fun sayings.

Most importantly, make sure that you have fun doing it. Enjoy the time decorating and get the whole family involved for a fun project you can do together!