By: Erica

The other day I was doing my early morning stretches like I always do on my Wii fit, and was rudely interrupted by someone peeking into my room. I was absolutely floored knowing that I can’t be in the privacy of my own home without someone peeking in at me. They are either looking at my plasma TV or me, not to toot my own horn, but I think me. (ha) Now, I do not have anything currently on the window and didn’t plan on getting anything since it is just a work out room, but apparently I need to. I just keep getting hit with expenses since I moved into this condo! I thought I was in the clear since all the other windows were covered with blinds (they are huge windows). Which actually makes me question why this one wasn’t? So frustrating that I have to cover this great window, I have a great view of the center courtyard garden and was hoping not to close it off. The unit I am in doesn’t have too many windows that get sunlight like this one does! (I guess that might be why it’s not covered). Regardless, I NEED something to give me some privacy, light, and is cheap!

My windows are 70″ wide by 70″ tall. Yes I know they are gigantic. I had no idea where to begin, so I called one of my neighbors over to help me with what I should do since she is in a similar unit as myself. She has verticals on the window that she loves, but she is 30 years older than I am and our styles are in different decades. She did tell me when she was getting her verticals that the sales person showed her an option for pleated/cellular shades with a top down feature. I had no idea what she was talking about so I decided to look into it myself. I went shopping online first and then decided to go into a store location that specialized in custom window treatments. (I did try some local stores that sold some products off the shelf (which was what I was familiar with) but my windows were anything but ordinary sizes).

I couldn’t believe all the options that were available for my big ol’ window. They had that top down bottom up feature that my neighbor had mentioned and it was pretty cool. You can use cords, no cords, motorized, heck you could speak to shades for them to function the way you wanted them to. Although all these features were great and were exactly what I needed, I had one problem. MONEY! It is very expensive to have this option on any kind of shade and money I didn’t have or expect to spend so soon. So as I was making my way out the door, the sales person I was working with stopped me and wanted to give me a “more affordable” option that will do exactly what I needed. Kim was her name and boy was she my savior! She told me about an option called “poor man or woman’s top down bottom up”!!

At first I didn’t know whether to get offended or hug her for understanding my issue. But she took me over to the cheap plastic mini blinds, tilted them and ran her hand down the bottom half to block out the view from below and the top slats stay tilted open to allow light and give me privacy. I HUGGED her! She took my large window and divided it in half to allow more basic price options and we narrowed down on an alabaster color. Upon leaving she told me that her manager would kill her for describing the option as “poor mans top down bottom up” so we should keep the description between us. I laughed and told her that her secret was safe with me and I love my poor man top down bottom up blinds!