Perfect Blinds for Our Sunroom

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My wife and I recently had windows replaced in our sunroom. They are new Anderson insulated windows, which is something we needed for the sunroom. Because of that, our old blinds wouldn’t fit in the windows. My wife and I had our own ideas of what we wanted.

My wife wanted something that would be easy for her to keep clean. I wanted something that would block the sunlight when I watched TV on the weekends. We both wanted something that we could open during the day and shut at night for privacy. Turns out, there are a lot of things that could do this for us.

For my wife, 1″ aluminum blinds were out almost immediately. The blinds were too narrow and cleaning could bend them. We looked at 2″ blinds, and ruled out wood blinds because they would fade from the sun. Thus, we were between 2″ vinyl blinds and 2″ faux wood blinds. The faux woods we looked at came with a more decorative valance and natural wood colors. We do have wood paneling in the sunroom, so we decided it would look nice to match. Also, since we weren’t able to mount inside our windows anymore, having that cornice effect with the valance was a good idea.

We chose to go with the 2″ faux wood and we could not be any happier with the results. Our sunroom seems more open with the wider slats, and the warm wood color makes it seem cozier in the room. The faux wood are a really durable option and very versatile. ├é┬áBecause of that we might put them in other rooms for the house. I would highly recommend faux wood blinds for a sunroom if anyone is unsure of what to do.

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