A common question many people ask is “Do people actually still buy vertical blinds?” The answer usually shocks them, because yes people do indeed still purchase them. They have a plethora of uses and functions, which keep them relevant and useful. ¬†Vertical Blinds are a simple and effective solution to problems people face when covering windows and doors.

Sliding/Patio doors are one situation which a vertical blind is a common and popular treatment. The fact that they move the same way as your door does, makes for a smooth operation and use of both the door and blind. Another situation in which many would choose to use a vertical blind are windows that are much wider than your “standard” sized windows. When you begin to search for a covering on a window which is 10 plus feet in size, your options become quite limited. ¬†Again verticals are a common suggestion and solution to a situation such as this as they can go up to 16 feet wide. With the various colors and styles that are offered, many giving the appearance of curtains with a s-curve, or fabric verticals, the idea of them being old and ugly is a distant thought.

In conclusion, while verticals may seem old and outdated for some, they are not going anywhere anytime soon. They provide very easy solutions to problems people face quite often, two of which I have addressed here. The ease of use is simply an added bonus, giving the user a simple experience. As surprising as it may be, yes people still buy vertical blinds.

By Steven M.