Here is a great thing to do this summer with your kids: (and they can learn something too!) You can make Peek-a-Boo books! This will help them to practice reading, vocabulary and recognition.

You will need:

  1. Lined Index Cards
  2. Construction Paper
  3. A hole punch
  4. Safety Scissors
  5. Yarn
  6. Crayons

First, help your child use┬áthe safety scissors to cut the construction paper into pieces that are the same size as the index cards. On the index cards help them write the name of their favorite animal. And using the crayons, draw the matching animal on a piece of construction paper. Punch holes at the top of both and fasten them together with the yarn. The order should be an index card then the drawing on the construction paper. They read the word bird then flip and see the picture they drew of a bird. Repeat this process to make the book as long or as short as they would like. You can make other books with different subjects like food or objects around the home. It’s a great way for your child to practice their reading skills as well as writing and vocabulary. Another great thing about these books is that they can be used beyond the summer months!