Pastels: Not Just For Easter

By: Ashley

Most people think of Easter or springtime when they think of pastels. Who wants to decorate their home all year round in these colors? Or they think of a newborn nursery in light pink or blue, but not a whole house. I’ll tell you why you may want to blackout_br_002consider using more pastels when decorating.

Pastels may be ‘springtime colors’ but they can make your home light and airy all year round. And they are not just for a nursery or kid’s room; they can look sophisticated in other rooms as well. Lighter colors make rooms appear larger and more inviting. They are great for small spaces or gathering areas. They can set a cheery mood for the gathering. They are also fantastic in bedrooms as this is a place you go to for rest and relaxation.

In addition, because pastels are so pale, they are perfect for bringing out other tones and contrasting colors. And if you are afraid of color, or you don’t want to commit to one, I suggest using a pastel. They can make these other colors pop, or they can tone down bolder colors depending on how you use them. For example, you can use lavender to tone down bright purple. Pastels just pull a room together.

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