Panel tracks are usually looked at as the alternative to verticals, and usually are thought of for the usage on sliding doors. However there are a couple of options to use a panel track for.

Sometimes the way a house is designed, certain closets do not have doors. Other times there are the traditional two-way sliding doors. Those doors can be a pain and often end up sliding off track and having to constantly be put back on track. A panel track is a good option to cover a closet in replacement of buying a door; it’s also a more durable and reliable track versus the traditional doors that comes on closets.

Another great use for a panel track is for a guest room or a dorm room. Panel tracks Velcro onto the tracks so it’s often a great non-permanent solution for a temporary room in which you plan on splitting into two. In dorm rooms for privacy a panel track is a great option, it can be used to divide the room into two and give much needed privacy. Also in houses it’s a great option for temporary guest rooms, you can give your guests the privacy without having to go about making permanent changes to your house.

Lastly, another option for the panel track is using it as a bath curtain. Many times we have shower curtains that do not offer long-term reliability and often need replacement. Also, it is rare to find a curtain that can extend to the top of the wall for full privacy. With panel tracks you can have a shower curtain that reaches the top of the ceiling while offering an easy way to wash them, since they do Velcro in. The track is also more reliable than a typical bath curtain rod.

Thinking out of the box there are many uses for panel tracks and they can come in handy in many situations!

By: Nasim