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Outdoor Living

Summer is here and what better time to enjoy spending time outside with your family and friends in a welcoming outdoor space.  Here are a few ways to decorate your backyard and enjoy summer days.

Instead of a deck, the new trend is patio stones and interlocking.  You can go as far as laying out beautiful interlocking in your backyard that also consists of a sitting area to keep the continuity (a bench that is built up by laying the same stones about 3 feet high).  What’s even more interesting is having a built-in fire pit made of the stones in the middle, so that people can sit around and enjoy them on summer nights.  Make sure you leave at least 2 feet of garden space around to plant some beautiful flowers and have some greenery.  If you don’t have the space to add interlocking, add some muskoka chairs or wooden benches your backyard.  You can also add a portable fire pit, which are available in many outdoor decor stores.  There are also so many  different types of patio furniture out there which you can purchase and use on your deck or lay out directly on the grass, which can easily be stored in a small shed later on.

If you don’t like sitting out in the direct sun for long, but enjoy being outside, invest in a gazebo.  Gazebos are great for providing a shaded area for comfort, and you can even get outdoor blinds or net-like panels to keep mosquitos and other insects away.  They are a great alternative to having an umbrella, as they do a better job for sun protection while providing a nicer backyard decor.

Another inviting element- lights and candles!  Add lights to the parameter or the backyard, that you can turn on once it starts to get dark outside.  You can also add Christmas lights by wrapping them around the trunk of a tree, or placing them like a border by the fence or just outside the sitting area.

So this summer, get outside, take some time to prepare your backyard and decorate it, and once you have family and friends over, it will be sure to pay off.  Have a great summer!

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