By: Kim W.


I live out in the country, but love the bustling city life; so I decided to incorporate that into my home! First thing I did was rip up my carpet with intention of putting in a wood floor, only to find that it had an amazing wood floor underneath! A dream come true. So with a little sanding and TLC it looks like new! Got lucky there!.. The walls in my family room for the past 8 years have been a deep mustard yellow with a greenish tint to it, with an oak chair rail and then a “country-side” rolling greens wallpaper below the chair rail. While this style is cute and very country french, I wanted to bring a more modern and “city-like” vibe to it. I am starting by painting the chair rail white and then adding a wainscoting below. I believe that  will instantly lighten the room and create a warm and yet sophisticated feel. I will keep the yellow color on the walls above the chair rail, but I will lighten it (add more white to the paint color) so it is not as harsh and also allow for a more airy feel in the room.

Those are my first steps I have begun to take. I am looking at a few furniture pieces that are a bit more edgy and will do away with my plaid “farmhouse” sofa and chair. Something with a similar “country-feel” yet the lines be a bit more harsh and keep it solid colors. I currently have  oak colored blinds on my window as well with a cornice and “country curtains”. I plan on doing away with all of that and replacing the blinds with a wide white wood blind and simple drapes on either end on the the window. The drapes I believe I would like something simple but with some type of pattern or texture to help keep that comfortable feel to the room and bring in some dimension. I am very excited for this new room and the new year!