Open floor plans or open concept living spaces have been very trendy in recent years. These spaces involve removed walls to allow you to have a view and continuous flow from different areas of your home such as kitchen to dining room to living room. Successfully decorating these types of spaces can be done many different ways you can allow each section to have its own unique look or you can have each section feel like one large great room; or even a little of both.

You may also want to think of the function of each space. For example let’s say we are doing a Kitchen Dining and Living room area. In this situation weather you want to have a structured pallet of colors or each room to have its own feel or maybe decorate the kitchen and dining room similarly, you want to structure each section to bring our what it is. In the kitchen you may want to use a large island and make that the focal point while in the living room area have a big sectional or maybe an accent chair to highlight the main purpose of the room, in the dining area the table should be a dead giveaway.

You can also use sections of the rooms as multipurpose if the layout is thought of beforehand. For instance if you can align your island with seating on the back with the area you will be placing your couch or sitting area, this would extend the seating area when you have company over.

If your room becomes HUGE and you were only planning the 3 basic rooms you may want to think about breaking it down further. I know you wanted open but not every part needs to be utilized always you could make a cute little sitting area with just two chairs and a coffee table or if you like music a piano section or an area for kids to play. When you have room to make more areas it’s really the best kind of problem.