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I work in a boring office. We come in everyday, do our job, and go home at the end of the day. There isn’t too much you can do to make data entry and phone calls more fun. But we’ve been thinking lately that what we can do is update the look of the place. We have boring beige walls, boring beige carpeting, and boring beige verticals. It’s not the ideal environment for high productivity. But of course, change takes time and money.

We took a step back, and decided the easiest things about the office to change would probably be the paint, and the blinds. Being that the paint was the same everywhere we decided adding accent walls throughout the offices, would be a quick and easy way to make a change (in at least every office there was one wall that was less obstructed than the others and easier to get at to paint). After doing some research, it turns out that a red/orange color scheme stimulates productivity so we chose a rust color that really brightened the place up.

The blinds, which had originally seemed like an easy update, turned out to be a little more complicated. The first thought was to tear everything down and start over. Turns out all the framing on our windows are made from steel, and the initial installation had been very complicated. We had wanted to change the color from the boring beige to a warmer brown, and thought that would work well with wooden blinds, but when the issue of installation came up, it seemed like we needed another solution.

After doing some more investigating, it turned out that we could leave the fixtures as is, and just replace the slats in the existing tracks we had up. I had no idea there were so many different vertical options! We had choices from prints and patterns, textures, and whatever color you could think of. We ended up choosing a tan color, with a little bit of texture. It completely changed the look of the windows!

We were amazed with these small changes how much we warmed up the look of the office. The best part was everyone else liked it, and enjoyed being at work just a little bit more!

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