By: Kim W.

Linen Truffle Pleated
This year, I am staying in with friends! I am throwing a New Years Eve party¬† and have a few tips and fun ways to decorate for your New Years Eve night to be a spectacular one! First thing I did was move all of the furniture to the outside walls or to a different room, this way I have all my seating along the edges of the room so we have one big place to dance and play games. For decor, I blew up black, gold, and silver balloons and tied a 3ft string to each of them (I used sparkly silver and gold string) so when you look into the room it looks like streamers and the beginnings of a great night! I also had an old disco ball that I restrung up on my own and hung from my ceiling fan for additional “bling”. When I sent the invitations I asked everyone to dress in black and white as well. So I have some old black lights from my college days, and bought inexpensive white cloth gloves for everyone to wear and we can dance the night away glowing! So fun!

I have not been in the home for too long so my dining room is empty at the moment, therefore, I used it as the snacks and drinks room. I set up folding tables along the parameter and covered them with black paper table cloths (found at the dollar store) and hung a “Happy New Year” sign in front of each table. Easy as pie! Now the only things that will make it perfect is if it snows; then my back porch can be the ‘beer and wine cooler’! But until then, all I need are some tunes, my friends and a glass of champagne and I have a “club worthy” effect for much less than normal New Years Eve Club ticket prices! Happy New Years!