The “New” Roller Shades

By: Karen

My husband and I just added a new sunroom to the back of our house. It’s great, overlooking the pool, has a great sound system, and overall is a good place to entertain guests. Small problem – it opens up to my living room, that opens up to my kitchen and dining room… which means my neighbors see everything that we watch on tv – and what color my pajama’s are.

A couple of friends suggested wood blinds – too much dusting, someone else suggested cellular shades – but I thought they might make me dizzy on that many windows. Then my mom suggested roller shades, which sounded absolutely awful – I had those ugly white plastic shades when I was growing up.

 But, persistent as she is, she brought over pictures and it turns out roller shades have come a long way – they are a modern, clean look, and you can now get them with a chain so you there are no worries of it snapping when you pull it down! It’s a good solution with a ton of windows/sliders too, because they roll up and disappear under a cute valance. Here are my thoughts on the different types available:  

Viny(aka Plastic) – Even though they are still vinyl, they are thicker and much more durable than the ones I had in my bedroom growing up – although still not quite dressy enough for me.

Fabrics: There is a huge variety of these, plain, prints – floral, damasks, scrolls, and textures. Although they got me thinking about other rooms in the house, there weren’t quite right for this project.

Sun Shades: A weave of vinyl and fiberglass, they are designed to save the view, but cut out the glare – they are great – I strongly suggest them if you don’t need privacy, but my husband is sick of waving to the neighbors while he watches tv.

Woven Fabric Shades: Technically still fabric, they look similar to the sun shades with a mix of bamboo shades (but a fraction of their price). These were the perfect shades for us. Even though you can still see slight shadows, it’s enough privacy, and a great look.

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