RF-166By: Carrie

If you’ve ever walked through the paint section of a home improvement store and flipped through some of their idea books, you may have been a bit taken aback by some of the bold options they display. Or perhaps you were intrigued but not sure you would like something so drastic in your own home…maybe it’s better to stay with neutrals.

Not true! Color doesn’t have to be loud or domineering to make a statement. Consider a soft, subtle pastel – they’re not just for nurseries anymore!

Gray is very “in” right now, but it can turn drab if you aren’t careful. Make sure it stays sleek by livening it up with a light purple. If you prefer the clean brightness of white, add a little pink to give the room some energy. Is cream more your style? Try baby blue or a soft yellow. A bit of green will really enhance an earthy palette.

Another big reason we shy away from color is the fear of commitment. What if I want to change one element later? I do not want to have to replace everything!

But colors are far more versatile than we give them credit for, particularly the softer tones. That light pink shade matching the walls in the baby’s room? No need to replace it when your 9 year old wants to paint everything purple! And it’ll still look great against the cool white and gray scheme she picks in high school.

Neutrals are a great option, but do not be afraid to spice them up!