By: Ashley

Neutral is such a broad color category. You have whites, grays, blacks, browns, beiges, tans, creams These colors are anything but boring; you just have to utilize them correctly. You need depth and variety in your neutral colors. Neutrals do go with everything, but not all neutrals go with each other. You have to match the undertones of colors. Once you identify the undertone, you have a whole array of compatible colors to use.

Add visual interest with pattern, texture and shine. Throw in some metallic! Neutrals can blend in or stand out depending on how you pair them, aPan-BorneoSpice_Open_85#862nd different patterns and textures will definitely catch the eye. Window treatments are an excellent way to add visual interest to a room, especially since windows usually take up quite a large portion of a wall.

When working with neutrals, you need to pick a theme before anything else. Do you want traditional, rustic, shabby chic, etc? Once you choose a theme you can choose the appropriate color palette. Also, determine if there is something already in the room that you have to work around. If you have a dark couch, you may want to go lighter on the walls. If the couch doesn’t have texture or pattern, put some in the walls or window treatments.