Navy blue has always been a color that brings some elegance and sophistication to a space. It’s a color that can complement both traditional elements as well as the newest trends, making it a timeless choice. As time goes by, we have realized how important decorating our most personal spaces can be. We are now more conscious of what we bring into an environment and how well it goes with other elements in the same space.

This has caused us to experiment much more with colours and textures and over the years, navy blue has taken on the role of a neutral, just like black. You can almost never go wrong with either of these colours. The big advantage of navy blue over black is that it acts as a much softer neutral than black.

Navy Blue has become a safe color option for tiles, walls or accents throughout the home. You can bring a splash of this neutral color to the tiles in a bathroom, to an accent wall in your favorite living space or the backsplash of your kitchen. It can complement many themes and trends such as a floral print, a nautical theme, a geometric pattern or play an accent to a statement rug. It goes well with everyone’s favorites like a beautiful white marble countertop with navy blue cabinets or your favorite rustic wooden dining table next to a rich navy blue accent wall. It compliments all kinds of grays (another popular neutral option) as well as metallic finishes.

So the next time you pick up the black pillow, black lamp or a black tile, consider a change and try out navy blue. You won’t regret the softness and elegance it brings with it.