One of the best places in your house to kick back and relax during the summer time would be your sunroom. There are many different themes that you can go with when decorating and furnishing your sunroom and one of the most popular would be a bright, natural look. There are all types of possibilities that you can go with when setting up the window treatments for that room and get a nice, natural look out of them. There are many weave patterned shade styles that are great for keeping your room bright but still cutting back on the amount of sun that would be coming in through your windows.

One very popular option would be bamboo shades because of their unique natural look. Bamboo shades are also very versatile in the options that are available with them as well. Other natural looking options include roman, roller, and pleated shades. Roller shades have many different colors available in a weave material that look amazing in a sunroom and offer plenty of sunlight. They also have different valance options and different styles that give a wide range of levels of privacy. Roller shades also come in what are called sunweaves that you can see through, which is beneficial if you have a great view and no need for privacy.

Finish off your sunroom this year by getting the window treatments that have the look that you desire to make the room feel more like summer. A woven shade can go a long way in protecting against sun fading and glare while still allowing light into your room. There are many options, styles, colors, and patterns available and it would be difficult to not find a great match for your room.

By: Dominic