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My husband and I recently decided to convert our sunroom into a meditation space. We get a lot of harsh sunlight on the back of the house so we needed something to cut out the glare.  The furniture is very simple white wicker and the floor is a dark wood. We had just repainted the walls to be a soft green so we wanted to keep with a natural, soft look.

We went to a local Blinds Store to look for options.We wanted something that would dress the windows up a little without adding anything too busy in the room (like a print or pattern). The room has a very simple and clean look, so the consultant suggested we add texture into the room with the blinds.  We explained that we wanted to cut down on the light in the room, but did not want it to be too dark.  We also explained, that being the blinds face the woods behind our house, we were really not too concerned about privacy.  She showed us natural woven shades, that she said would provide an answer to what we were looking for, and something she said was often used in sunrooms.  We chose a shade with a darker toned bamboo slats, and she suggested we add a trimming to dress it up a little more, so we picked a chocolate trim to pick up on the floor color.  Our only concern was the lack of light filtering, as she held the shade up in the window for us to see – and you could see right through it!

She showed us the light filtering liner you can add to take care of that, plus she told us it would protect the shade (being that it’s a natural material, the sun would wear on it over time if completely exposed).  We went home, remeasured, and they called us in two days to let us know our blinds were already made!! Great service and fast!

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