By: Erica

Nature loving people enjoy many natural things like indoor plants, eco friendly products and the exceptional woven wood shades. The reason is simple for their popularity; it is economical and environment friendly and can control the light intensity and heat as well. Woven shades are made of natural materials like bamboo, thin wooden planks, straws, grass, Jutes, rattan, reeds and matchsticks which are later woven together to form a large sheet. Most people think it is a Roman style, which is true but Romans were not the first, Asia had also played a part in woven shade styles. Usually woven shades were used in Japan, either to cover an entrance or to separate private rooms of males and females. Poor people in the place of the door would use a large bamboo or a reed shade to place it as a door to their house. Depending on the thickness of the shade, they can be completely opaque, semi-transparent or translucent.

People say that if you have nature inside your house then you can have positive energy running inside you and you can feel happy. Feng Shui is a Chinese Myth of how to arrange your office or your house, and according to it, Feng Shui prefers nature inside. Most people follow this concept to ease their nerves, and this is where natural woven shades step in. Instead of staring at synthetic made, they can feel the nature.

Woven Shades are available in various colors, but the most common is earthly brown, green, white and black. People choose these shades because it is friendly to the eyes, gives a natural feeling and they do not have to worry about chemicals if they get washed up by rain. Usually woven shades are not treated in any way to keep that natural look. They are easy to handle, durable, and give a soothing environment and the plus side is they are recyclable. The shades can be pulled from top to bottom and vice versa. So if you’re looking for a way to bring a different energy to your home and life, woven shades might be the way.