By: Liz
Many clients walk into my showroom on Long Island, and realize very quickly, that we here at Blinds To Go are not kidding when we say we have the world’s largest selection. There are quite literally over 25,000 options to price at BTG. Sounds overwhelming, does it not? The process of picking out the perfect window treatment can be. It is part, if not most, of the reason I’m employed. I’m trained as a Design Consultant to narrow you, as the consumer, down to the treatment that makes the most sense. The functionality, the decorative purpose, and the fiscal concerns are all things I already know to take into account. Most of my clients leave out at least one of these concerns, sometimes two out of three.

Therefore, at the risk of giving away some of my best trade secrets, there are some key questions that will assist you while on your journey to the right window treatment. Follow the checklist I’m providing for you here, and I guarantee that the course of choosing your treatment will seem far less difficult.

What do you need it to do? Privacy? Light control? Light blocking? That will immediately narrow you down. I had a customer walk in and say Oh, wow, I’m a little overwhelmed.  Turns out she needed blackout, the kind with vampire cave darkness.  In reality, blackout cellular shades were the smartest choice.

How do you want it to look? Okay, you want it to look nice. Got that part. But consider things like, are you putting up additional window treatments? If you are, Roman Shades would be a waste, they’re meant to be stand alone treatments. The converse would be true as well. You also want to consider whether you’re using the treatment as a design aspect of the room, like a carefully picked piece of art. Counterwise, if you want it to be a functional piece of white noise to the overall design of a room, that knowledge is helpful also.

How much do you want to spend? Times are tough now, so we all want the best value for the dollar. The good news is, Blinds To Go sells designer quality treatments at wholesale prices. Read as: absolutely the best value for the dollar. We have a low price guarantee to back it. However, if it’s been 15 years since you’ve purchased window treatments, or you’re going off of something you’ve seen on television, educate yourself first. It’s important to know what these things are going for. You wouldn’t march into a Mercedes dealership, only to balk at the price tag would you? Of course not, because you know they’re high end cars. If you’ve got $15,000 budget, you’re looking for a nice, pretty, economy car. Apply this idea to window treatment shopping, and that will help narrow your choices as well.

Even if you have no idea what you want at this very moment, ask yourself the questions above and make a list. If you come into any BTG armed with that list, we can take it from there!