By: Karen

So after realizing the windows in my new home were far from standard sizes, I set out to look for some custom blinds. I’m not the fanciest decorator, so I wanted something simple, yet something that was decorative enough to stand alone , curtains are definitely not on my to do list. I liked the idea of having control over the light and privacy – – so I decided I would need to stick to blinds instead of shades. Verticals are awful (at least in my opinion) , almost as awful as aluminum blinds. So I decided on faux wood.

But, after the first store, I was educated on measuring a window. Although it’s not particularly difficult, it was a lot more detailed than I had imagined. I had to measure in 7 places , 3 widths, 3 heights, and the depth. Of course, as my luck would have it, the widths in the three spots were drastically different on each window. At the top of the window to the bottom there was a variance of over an inch on some windows! (Maybe that’s why the previous owners had curtains up) The store had told me keep all the measurements together , but after realizing how off my windows were , and how bad blinds would look inside them, I decided I needed a plan B.

After doing some research, I realized I could (1) get new windows, (2) get the windows re-framed, or (3) get the blinds and outside mount them. Of course, option 1 and 2 were out of my current budget, and after browsing some pictures decided outside mount didn’t look bad, especially with the faux wood which has a wrap around valance and would hide the imperfections of my windows.

I did pay to have the blinds professionally installed, because mounting them on the outside was a little trickier, but they were still reasonable, and look great! You can’t even tell my windows aren’t perfect!!