By: Sai
I feel like mini blinds have been around forever. Why have they lasted so long? What makes them so special? Why do people like them so much? I remember when I was growing up you could just pick up a set of mini blinds at a corner store and put them up. There was one time that the blinds I bought were too big, but I made them fit. I took a knife and cut them to fit the window, those were the times. Nowadays mini blinds have grown to a point where they are all that matters. They are not your pick up and go type of blinds to just have privacy.

You see there was a point in time that mini blinds could never standalone.  They always had to be complimented with curtains. Mini blinds had a couple of purposes. There first purpose was to give privacy which they still do to this day. To darken the room for those people who wanted to cut down on the light. Third they were and still can be very inexpensive. But, just like anything else things evolve over time. They are just not the ordinary, boring things we were used to when growing up.  Now they are a fun modern treatment that can bring life and refresh any room in your home, while still keeping in line with a budget.

Mini blinds are one of the many types of blinds that you can get in a bunch of different colors. They come in red, green, purple, black, charcoal, and many more colors. The advantage to this is that you can get any color you want at an affordable price. If you are the type of person that likes change you don’t have to make a commitment to one of these colors, and feel like you are stuck because you spent so much money on the blinds. You can enjoy them at the moment and switch them in the future. You could even go as far as buying a couple in different colors and just interchange them as you please. The functionality of them is great also.  They tilt open and close and they go up nice and tight. Who doesn’t like to have those choices? I know I do!

Mini blinds fit plenty of décor styles.  I feel that these types of blinds have no defined style. They can go anywhere you want them to and they can standalone or complement another window treatment. For instance, if you have a modern look, mini blinds are great.  You can put them up and leave them alone. They come in all types of modern colors and they are clean and very straight line. If you have a Victorian style home it fits the function aspect perfect because you can add a curtain and dress it up, and the mini blind will give you the privacy and block out the light. If you have a country look you can still do mini blinds because of the colors they come in. You could put a simple valance above the mini blinds.

So you see, mini blinds have come a long way from just being, your ordinary “pick up and go” type thing. When you think of mini blinds, think of them not as they were but what they are. Think of them as having a nice clean look that can fit all functions and fit all styles or décor, and can still be inexpensive.