Meditating the Days Away

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I recently purchased a new home. The most important feature of it is my sun room. It is a place I frequent often, because it makes a great meditation spot. Its a place in which I can relax and center myself, but the issue is as summer approaches it gets very bright and extremely hot. It gets to the point I can no longer comfortably enjoy the room. I thought to rectify this by purchasing some blinds.

I did some research and I found out about an item called a cellular shade. It was very interesting. It was a shade that could cut down on direct heat beaming from the sun and provide further insulation for my air conditioning due to the honey comb pleats. Not only was it able to do that, but it also allowed light to comfortably filter through and provide a calming atmosphere. The room in total has three wide windows over looking the backyard. From the outside my neighbors can see through and look at me while I’m in there.

After purchasing these shades, I had complete privacy without compromising my light due to the top down bottom up feature. The pleat size I chose was a 3/4 and the color was an earth tone green called rosemary spring. I chose that color to authenticate a natural outside feeling to the room. I further decorated the room with pottery and plants, like purple orchards, and green bamboo to accentuate the wall color which was a pale lavender. The furniture in place consists of custom made bamboo tatami mats and tables. I even put in a zen sand garden. I love the finished product as it makes for the perfect meditation place, where I can center and create peace for myself on a daily basis, and get away from the hectic world.

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